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How do I determine whether a site is appropriate for submission?

First check to see if your site is already listed in the Ajdee Directory. You can do this by searching Ajdee for your site's title or URL, or by browsing in the appropriate categories. To determine whether your site is appropriate for submission read submission tips.


How do I submit my site to the Ajdee directory?

Go to the Submit a Site page by clicking on the Submit a Site link on any page. Provide information about your site including site title, URL, category and a brief description. E-mail field is optional.'


Will I be notified if my site is accepted or rejected?

You will be notified only if you provide your e-mail address when submitting your site. E-mail address field is not required field, so make sure that you provide this information if you want to be notified about your site's acceptance or rejection.


How long does it take for a site to be listed?
If accepted, most sites will be listed within 1-24 hours after submission.


How do I get my site listed in more than one category?

You can't list your site in more than one category. When submitting your site you can suggest the category, and our editors will then decide the most relevant category or categories for your site.


I cannot locate a category that fits my site; where will it be placed?

If you cannot find the proper category for your site, choose the closest matching category and, in the Site Description field, specify the category you wish to add. Our editors will then review your site and create a new category if necessary.


How do I update my site information?

To update your site information, go to Contact Us page. In order to be able to update your site information, you need to provide your e-mail address when submitting a site.


Do you accept non-English web sites?

Yes we do accept non-English language sites but only in appropriate Regional category.


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