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Acne Treatment Help - http://www.acnetreatmenthelp.com
Provides information about acne, acne treatments, acne medications, and acne prevention.
Andropenis - http://www.andropenis.com.au/
Nonsurgical FDA approved device used for treating Peyronies Disease, endorsed by prestigious surgeons worldwide.
Bed Bug - http://www.bedbugs.org/
Guide offers information about how to detect and fight off bed bugs.
Bed Sores In Nursing Home - http://www.bedsorefaq.com
Information regarding the development of bed sores (pressure sores, pressure sores, decubitus ulcers) during an admission to a nursing home, hospital or assisted living facility.
Bipolar Disorder - http://www.abilify.com/bipolar_guide.html
Look into a medicine that may help. Read about another treatment.
BP Success Zone - http://www.bpsuccesszone.com
Information about high blood pressure, including medication and treatment with lifestyle changes. Learn about the BP Success Zone Program, and how to help manage your blood pressure.
Cerebral Palsy Information - http://www.cerebralpalsyinfo.org
Offering cerebral palsy resources including information about causes, symptoms, diagnosis, types and treatment of this medical condition.
Dandruff Control Guide - http://www.dandruffguide.com/
Site about what you can do to prevent dandruff from causing problems with your scalp.
DaVita.com - http://www.davita.com
Online resource for information on dialysis and chronic kidney disease.
Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) - http://www.dvt.net
Provides information about a blood clotting disease called DVT, including blood clot symptoms, how to protect yourself against the risk of blood clots, DVT risk factors, and more.
Diabetes And Diabetic Diet - http://www.diabetes-and-diabetic-diet.com/
Information and tips about diabetes and diabetic diet. Includes Diabetic diet plan, diabetes symptoms and food to take.
Diverticulitis - http://www.diverticulitis.org.uk
Basic information about diverticulitis including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and diet.
dLife Diabetes Information - http://www.dlife.com/diabetes/
Visit dLife.com to find extensive information about diabetes and diabetic recipes.
Geodon - http://www.geodon.com
This website will help answer your questions about bipolar mania and schizophrenia, and offer resources and tools to help you understand the illnesses.
Gout Diet - http://gouteducation.org/patient/living-with-gout/diet/
Gout diet resource advising on what kind of food to eat and what food to avoid. Other information about Gout available on the website, including downloadable brochure in PDF format.
Hemophilia Village - http://www.hemophiliavillage.com
Learn about hemophilia and how it's treated with clotting factors.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome - http://www.irritable-bowel-syndrome.ws
Website devoted to irritable bowel syndrome. Includes reviews, descriptions, therapies and medication information.
Kidney Transplant Medication - myfortic - http://www.myfortic.com
Learn about anti-rejection drug myfortic, a delayed-release tablet medication and obtain information about kidney transplants.
Knee Replacement - http://www.gustafsonortho.com
Dr. Gustafson is a world-renowned expert in total joint replacement (TJR) and reconstruction. He has dedicated himself to the pursuit of excellence in joint replacement and reconstruction.
Lose The Back Pain - http://www.losethebackpain.com
Back pain articles, discussion groups and information helping people with back pain.
Lovenox - http://www.lovenox.com
Provides information about Lovenox (enoxaparin sodium injection), and explains how a DVT treatment option can help protect you against the risk of leg blood clots. Also explains anticoagulant therapy, leg blood clot symptoms, and treatment options.
Multiple Sclerosis Treatment - http://www.msactivesource.com
Learn more about MS symptoms and treatment. Learn about Multiple Sclerosis and connect with an MS community.
Nail Fungus Resource - http://www.nail-fungus.org
A site dedicated to providing information on fungal infections of the toenail and fingernail.
Optiderma - http://www.optiderma.com
Resource for people coping with skin diseases and problems. Includes natural skin remedies, nutrition advice, articles, interviews, books, homemade recipes, testimonials.
PALS Online Renewal - http://www.palsonlinerenewal.com/
Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) is now available using this web based health learning program. All resources are 100% online and require no hands on skills assessment.
PKU - Phenylketonuria - http://www.pku.com
A comprehensive online resource for the PKU (Phenylketonuria) community. Offers PKU information, and support and community interaction with other people influenced by PKU.
Poison Oak Identification Guide - http://www.poisonoakguides.com/
Site about poison oak, with details about the various conditions it can cause as a side effect of touching it and how you can cure them.
Seaweed Skin Car Products - http://www.seaweedbathco.com/shop-by-category
Offers all-natural psoriasis and eczema relief with its line of seaweed-based bath products. The line is specifically formulated to treat dry, irritated, flaking and red skin.
SEROQUEL XR for Bipolar Depression - http://www.seroquelxr.com/bipolar-disorder/why-seroquel-xr.aspx?ux=m
Resource for SEROQUEL XR (quetiapine fumarate)for treatment of bipolar disorder.
SEROQUEL XR (quetiapine fumarate) - http://www.seroquelxr.com
Medicine for treatment of depression and bipolar disorder.
shuteye.com - http://www.shuteye.com
Learn about insomnia types and find sleep solutions.
Stalevo - http://www.stalevo.com
Stalevo, a medication for Parkinson's disease symptoms treatment. The website also includes other useful resources for patients, professionals and caregivers.
Tibotec HIV information - http://www.tibotec-hiv.com
Information for people who are living with HIV and want to understand HIV treatment and other related issues.
TMJ Friends - http://www.tmjfriends.com
Website about TMJ disorder featuring message board, doctor list, blog, chat, temporomandibular joint disorder and surgical patient stories, links and patient bill of rights.
TMJ Treatments - http://www.ctds.info/tmj.html
A personal site about temporomandibular joint disorder that reviews natural health treatments, including diet, yoga and exercise therapy.
What is Acromegaly - http://www.somatulinedepot.com/understanding_acromegaly.html
For patients living with acromegaly. Provides information about acromegaly disease and its causes.
Zoloft - http://www.zoloft.com
Learn about Zoloft, its benefits, side effects, how it works and the conditions it is approved to treat, including depression and anxiety disorders.
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