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Alcohol Treatment Centers - http://www.alcoholtreatmentcenters.com/
Provides information about consequences of drinking including alcoholism,, abuse, rehabilitation and treatment centers.
Alcoholism Treatment - http://www.alcoholismtreatment.org/
Gives basic information about alcoholism and alcoholism treatment.
Canadian Drug Rehab Centres - http://canadiandrugrehabcentres.com
Directory offering Canadian drug rehabilitation centers resources including outpatient rehabilitation programs, residential treatment, alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers, support groups and recovery homes.
Clear Haven Center - http://www.clearhavencenter.com
Located 45 minutes from Montreal in Canada, Clear Haven residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation center offers affordable alcoholism and drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation programs.
Drug Rehab - http://www.believetreatmentcenter.com/
The Believe Treatment Center is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation place. It serves the needs of men and women that are struggling with addiction and need recovery.
Marijuana Anonymous - http://www.marijuana-anonymous.org
People sharing their experiences trying to recover from marijuana addiction.
Northland - http://northlandaddictiontreatmentrehabcenter.com
An outpatient rehab and ambulatory detox facility offering individualized addiction treatment and substance abuse counseling.
The Ridge - http://www.addictiontreatmentrehabcenterohio.com
A residential rehab center offering an upscale, discreet substance abuse program featuring private rooms, serene walking trails, and family involvement.
US Drug Rehab Centers - http://usdrugrehabcenters.com
Drug rehabilitation centers directory offering resources on residential treatment and outpatient rehabilitation programs including alcohol and drug treatment centers, support groups and recovery homes.
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