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Web Sites
Chickenhead - http://www.chickenhead.com
Offers humorous news archives, funny articles, and diversions.
Daily Haiku - http://www.dailyhaiku.com/
Political haiku and pictures making fun of George W. Bush and his administration.
Dotcomedy.com - Funny Videos - http://www.dotcomedy.com
Watch funny streaming videos and clips from tv shows. View movie trailers, watch stand-up comedy clips and more.
Humor in the News - http://www.humorinthenews.com
Offers a political archives and cartoons.
National Lampoon - http://www.nationallampoon.com
Licenses the National Lampoon name for television comedy programming and full feature films.
Smarttones - http://www.smarttones.co.uk/
Funny side-splitting windups and pranks. Wide variety of calls to choose from.
The Death Clock - http://www.deathclock.com/
Reminds us all how short life is.
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