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Web Sites
AllAboutGod.com - http://www.allaboutgod.com
A Christian community for seekers, skeptics, and believers.
Christian Resources Today - http://www.christian-resources-today.com
Offers bible study online articles, free bible story coloring pages, Christian music videos, quotes, biblical meaning of numbers and names, martyrs, testimony videos and more.
Hymn Lyrics Online - http://www.hymnlyrics.org
Offers christian lyrics database.
Parson Place: Resources for Christian Ministers - http://www.parsonplace.com/
Offers christian views, software downloads, articles, newsletter, and more.
Theology Website - http://www.theologywebsite.com
Providing doctrinally sound and academically rigorous theological content.
Vatican - http://www.vatican.va
Official Vatican web site. Church documents, news services and information on the Popes.
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