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Web Sites
America's Most Wanted - http://www.amw.com
The TV show official website featuring the suspects.
Crime Magazine - http://crimemagazine.com/
Magazine about crime, serial killers, corruption, organized crime, capital punishment, celebrity crime, sex crimes, prisons, justice issues, assassinations, crime books, crime studies and crime films.
Criminal Justice Schools - http://www.criminaljusticedegrees.org/
Online student guide highlighting educational and career opportunities in the legal field.
Online Background Check - http://www.dontbeavictim.org
Offers resources and articles about security measures, catching a cheating spouse, background checks, asset protection, private investigators, self defense and much more.
The Free Inmate Locator - http://www.thefreeinmatelocator.com
An free inmate locator service that also guides family and friends of inmates to the information most likely needed by those who have loved ones incarcerated.
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