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dot January 2015 - 11 years online.

dot January 2014 - 10 years online!

dot January 2013 - 9 years online, 5,000 websites listed.

dot September 2011 - Directory redisigned with focus on funcionality and user's needs.

dot January 15th 2009 - 5 year anniversary. More than 4400 websites listed in more than 1000 categories.

dot January 15th 2008 - 4 year anniversary. More than 3500 websites listed in more than 950 categories.

dot January 15th 2007 - 3 year anniversary. The website keeps growing.

dot September 20th 2006 - Security image added to "Submit a Site" form to prevent auto submissions.

dot July 20th 2005 - Blog and Forum directories added.

dot June 1st 2005 - Special features "Favorite Websites" and "Top 10 Sites" added. The home page redesigned
with "Favorite Websites" list added to the page.

dot May 1st 2005 - More than 3000 websites listed in more than 900 categories.

dot April 1st 2005 - Featured Website feature added to the home page.

dot February 15th 2005 - Bulk submission option and PayPall payment option added.

dot January 15th 2005 - First anniversary, one year online. Our first year was very successful.

dot December 15th 2004 - Third layer of categories added. Regional categories completed, with most of the world
countries included and categorized by continents.

dot September 29th 2004 - New partners site submission option added to the "submit a site" form.

dot May 1st 2004 - To protect from spammers $1nominal fee added for Noncommercial and Nonprofit sites.

dot Nonprofit organizations free site submission feature added on the 7th of February, 2004.

dot The site launched on the 15th of January, 2004.


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