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ScriptSearch.com - http://www.scriptsearch.com
Programming directory that serves Internet programming community.
CodingForums.com - http://www.codingforums.com
Web development and coding forums.
Component One - http://www.componentone.com
ComponentOne Studio is a control set that spans all Visual Studio platforms including WinForms, WPF, WinRT, ASP.NET, and even ActiveX. Controls share a common framework, so developing in different platforms costs you no learning time.
DevArticles - http://www.devarticles.com
Programmers resource site with news, professional articles, tricks, tips, and eBook links.
DevX - http://www.devx.net
Provider of services and technical information that enable application development teams to conquer development challenges.
StickyMinds.com - http://www.stickyminds.com
Place for management, software test, and quality assurance professionals. Sections include papers, articles, books, forum, links and tools.
Wijmo - http://www.wijmo.com
Next-gen JavaScript UI controls. No dependencies. Full angular 2 support. TypeScript source code.
Xuni - http://www.goxuni.com
Xuni, native cross-platform mobile apps, Android, iOS, Xamarin.
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