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American Sign Letters - https://americansignletters.com
Manufacturing signs and banners. Also a one stop shop for all printing needs.
Stamtec, Inc. - http://stamtec.com/
Stamtec is one of the largest mechanical stamping press builders in the world, producing over 3,000 straight side, gap frame, transfer and forging presses a year.
MB Kit Systems - http://www.mbkitsystems.com/
Specializes in designing and building custom mechanical solutions, including linear motion systems, machine safety guarding, enclosures, material handling systems and more using modular, flexible, extruded aluminum framing profiles and components.
Pitbull Industrial Pumps - http://pitbullpumps.com/
Designs and manufactures a complete line of pneumatic-displacement submersible sump pumps that handle debris, abrasive particles and corrosives in a wide range of applications. Inherently explosion-proof.
Union Process, Inc. - http://unionprocess.com
Leading manufacturer of the Attritor grinding mills as well as small media mills, rubber inks & high-quality grinding media. Also provides tolling services and machine refurbishing services.
Oriimec Corporation of America - https://www.oriimec.com/
Supplier of press room automation, including coil line systems, compact coil feed lines, and transfer systems, as well as spring machines and industrial anti-vibration equipment.
Chemical Associates Division of Univar - http://www.chemicalassociates.com/
Manufacturer and distributor of natural-based oleochemicals, including tall oil fatty acids, oleic acids, stearic acids, fractionated acids, fatty alcohols, polyunsaturated fatty acids, coconut fatty acids, ricinoleaic acid, methyl esters and more.
DeWAL Industries Inc. - http://www.dewal.com/
Manufacturer of high-performance polymer films and pressure-sensitive tapes, including skived and unsintered PTFE, wear-reduction coatings & tapes, and skived UHMW for industries such as automotive, aerospace and oil and gas.
The American Punch Company - https://americanpunchco.com/
Manufactures replacement and custom punches, dies and shear blades to fit all ironworkers - angleline, beamline and plate. The company also makes copers, notchers and bar cutters.
Mold China Maker and Plastic Moulding Company - http://www.injectionmouldchina.com
Chinese injection mould manufacturer supplies precision plastic injection molds, high quality tooling and custom injection molding services at low cost in China.
Accepta Water Treatment Chemicals - http://www.accepta.com
Provides wastewater treatment and water chemicals, laboratory testing, water analysis equipment, pumps, test kits, dosing, plant equipment, own label services and toll blending equipment.
Alloys - http://www.alloys.com
All products from Sophisticated Alloys are made to order. Five furnaces and a wide range of melt capacity means you get any alloy, any shape, any finish.
Chan Yow Broaching Machine - http://machine-category-chan-yow.com/
Offers quality vertical hydraulic broaching machine, and vertical external broaching machine.
Display Developments - http://www.displaydevelopments.co.uk/
Offering a range products including menu holders, leaflet holders, menu boards, and point of sale displays.
Dry Ice Blasting of Atlanta - http://www.dryiceblastingofatlanta.com
Offers fast, cost-effective industrial equipment cleaning solutions by propelling dry ice pellets at supersonic speeds to clean surfaces without creating secondary waste or damaging equipment.
Eccentric Pumps - http://www.eccentricpumps.com
Offers a wide selection of peristaltic hose pumps as well as parts and accessories that are ideal for use at municipal and industrial sites, such as breweries, sewage, and power plants.
FillPro Filling Machines for Bulk Materials Handling - http://www.weighfill.com
FillPro filling equipment provides fast, precise processing for dry materials (powders, granules, pellets, tablets, etc.) and some liquids. Our technology has an array of applications, from pharmaceutical and medical to ordnance industries.
Find Lifts - http://www.findlifts.com
Resource guide that provides articles on forklifts, lifts, lift tables, boat lifts and wheelchair lifts.
Industrial Check Valve Manufacturer - http://www.specialtymfg.com/
Specialty MFG manufactures a wide variety of valves and check valves made of brass, stainless steel and plastic materials.
Invistics - http://www.invistics.com
Manufacturing software provider.
ManuBiz.com - http://www.manubiz.com/
Provides interface for efficient way to sell and buy manufacturing technology systems.
Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory - http://www.mel.nist.gov
Providing development and research services.
Manufacturing News - http://www.manufacturingnews.com/
By-monthly news publication offering best manufacturing practices, management of technology and manufacturing companies, quality programs and globalization.
Material Handling Equipment - http://www.shuttlelift.com
Shuttlelift Lift Equipment and Cranes have top-of-the-line features and parts for more versatile, faster, and safer handling of large, bulky loads that are difficult to handle and transport.
Metalized Ceramics - http://www.latronicscorp.com
Manufacturer of Hermetic Seals. Other specialties include Ceramic to Metal Seals, Ceramic Seals, Glass to Metal Seals, Glass Seals and Near Net Shape Forgings.
Midwest Rack Manufacturing - http://www.buy-pallet-racks.com/
Offering used and new pallet racks. Other equipment including storage shelves also available.
Nanomachining and Photomask Repair - RAVE - http://www.ravellc.com
A technology driven company specifically focused on leading edge applications of its nanomachining processes and systems.
Packleader Machinery Inc. - http://www.packleader.com/
Offers labeling machines with high quality and competitive price.
Pin Mao Plastic Cosmetic packaging Industry Co., Ltd. - http://pinmao.b2bpacking.org/
Cosmetic packaging is the specialty of Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. Established in 1989.
Plastic and Rubber Machines - http://www.plas-rubber-machine.com/
Offering on-line video, specialized catalog and live exhibition hall for manufacturing field of injection molding machine, rubber machine, auxiliary equipment, parts and components, plastic mold, extrusion machine, packaging machine, blow molding machine.
Shang Ta Chia Plastic Extruder Industrial Co., Ltd. - http://www.plastic-extrusion-machine.com/
Extrusion Machine and extrusion machine manufacturer.
Shanghai Skyrock die castings Industry Co., Ltd. - http://www.industrynet.com.tw/die-casting.htm
Shanghai Skyrock produces high quality magnesium, aluminum and zinc die castings that satisfy the most demanding applications and industry standards since 1979.
Shanghai Skyrock Industry Co., Ltd. - http://www.industrynet.com.tw/
Produces high quality magnesium, aluminum and zinc die castings that satisfy the most demanding applications and industry standards since 1979.
Solo Horton Industrial Brushes - http://www.solobrushes.com
Offers more than 1 million industrial brushes including chip brushes, artist brushes, touch up brushes, glue brushes and more. Quantity discounts.
The Zycon Industrial Directory - http://www.zycon.com
Industrial and manufacturing directory. Provides product and engineering information from companies worldwide. Enables you to send inquiries to supplier.
Timber Kilns - http://www.solarkilns.com
Suppliers of cost effective timber/lumber drying solutions. Providing lightweight, portable, energy efficient and environmentally-friendly technology.
Wastewater Treatment - http://www.globaltreat.com/
Water disinfection systems including wastewater treatment equipment, industrial effluent disinfection systems and gas chlorinators.
Zircotec Thermal Coating Service - http://www.zircotec.com
Thermal coating technologies including metallic, ceramic, and cermet coatings combinations for technology applications that need high performance.
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