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Castle and Pryor - http://www.castle-pryor.co.uk/
Supplies diamond drilling and diamond cutting services to the demolition industry and construction industry. Provides solutions for concrete crushing, precision concrete cutting, floor sawing and wall sawing.
Concrete Products - http://concreteproducts.com/
Features newsletters, news reports, feature stories and monthly columns.
Gavin Historical Bricks - http://www.historicalbricks.com/
Sells authentic antique granite cobblestone brick, antique street pavers, common and clinker brick. Matching samples for historic restoration.
Georgia-Pacific Building Products - http://www.gp.com/build
Offers building materials including lumber, plywood, gypsum panel products, engineered lumber, paperless wallboard and drywall.
Handle Anything - http://www.handleanything.com
Offers quality architectural hardware including wide selection of window and door furniture, cupboard handles, locks, cupboard furniture and accessories.
High Temperature Alloys - http://www.alleghenyludlum.co.in/
Alloy materials from Allegheny Ludlum are designated to provide unique strength and corrosion properties at elevated temperatures greater than 1000F.
Miller Electric - http://www.millerelect.com/
A licensed commercial electrical contracting company located in Omaha, Nebraska.
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